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Have your child reap the benefits of Montessori teaching practices with Pathways Childcare.

After School

Pathways Childcare offers a fantastic after school service. We’re available to pick up children – who attend the listed primary schools – directly from school and transport them safely to our facility.

Our pick-up service is available from:
-Eglantine Girls School
-St. Anthony’s Boys School
-St Joseph’s Primary Foxwood

Our after school program provides a hot meal, prepared to perfection by our dedicated in-house chef. We also offer children a range of stimulating activities.
We encourage outdoor activities that put an emphasis on engagement and exercise.

Would your child benefit from an after-school program? Then get in touch with Pathways Childcare now.


After School Activities

Along with encouraging exercise our after school program provides a range of stimulating activities to engage children’s minds and creativity. Our activities include:

-Arts and Craft
-Teamwork-Based Activities

These and a whole lot more activities are regularly undertaken at Pathways Childcare’s after school program. If a child is particularly fond of an activity, our incorporating curriculum can emphasise this activity. We encourage parent participation and we always welcome visits from Mammies and Daddies during our after school program.

Would you like to view our dedicated Montessori room?
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Homework Club

Along with providing every opportunity for children to exercise in our gated outdoor playground, Pathways Childcare has allotted quiet time pencilled into our after school program. During this time children are free to do their homework in a peaceful environment. Our staff will give gentle guidance when necessary.
Parents are then free to check the child’s homework at the end of the after-school day.

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