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Here at Pathways Childcare, we pride ourselves on creating an ambient relaxed environment. With so much experience in childcare, we understand that a young child being separated from their parents can be a stressful experience for child and parent alike. That’s why at Pathways Childcare we foster a welcoming environment that’s completely focused on the needs of the child.
We encourage the growth of the child’s personality and creativity by dedicating days and even an entire week to the interests of the child. We can have a superhero-themed day or a week where we focus our play and art time around a child’s favourite cartoon. Our highly trained staff gently encourages inclusion and engagement with activities.
These strategies ensure that children quickly settle in and parents are afforded the peace of mind of knowing that their child is happy and content with Pathways Childcare.

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Meal Plans


We have a dedicated chef on site, that cooks delicious homemade meals from scratch. We provide four meals a day, with snacks in-between. At Pathways Childcare we have an implemented healthy eating policy. We encourage healthy eating as a positive habit.
If your child has any food alleges our chef will accommodate them and make healthy nutritious meals suited to your child’s dietary requirements.

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At Pathways Childcare we always fully involve parents. We communicate with parents in all aspects of our curriculum and timetable. To deal with negative behaviours we speak to parents and create custom strategies to try and encourage more positive play habits.
For children with specific dietary requirements, we ensure that their food is prepared separately to avoid contamination, under the guidance and instruction of the child’s parent(s).
We’re always available to communicate with parents and encourage them to drop into the crèche at any time.
We have an extensive list of policies and procedures in place to effectively deal with all kinds of situations. We invite parents to find out more about these procedures through engagement with our staff.

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