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Have your child reap the benefits of Montessori teaching practices with Pathways Childcare.


The Montessori practice involves introducing children to a range of prescribed activities and allowing them to choose the activity that appeals most to them. These stimulating activities help children develop skills such as fine motor skills.
The Montessori philosophy has children learn from materials rather than from direct instruction. The structure involves free play wherein children choose their own activities from a prescribed selection. This freedom of movement within the classroom environment is vital for the natural physical, mental and social development of the child.

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Pathways Childcare’s custom built Montessori room, is furnished with the Montessori teaching model in mind. The activities and curriculum are based on the Montessori philosophy. Our Montessori qualified teacher gently guides children to interact with the environment in a highly supervised setting. The concept of free movement and independence is the cornerstone of the Montessori Philosophy.
Pathways Childcare’s ethos is that children learn by taking part in activities. We encourage practical play that is fun, stimulating and educational.
Using the Montessori model in our dedicated Montessori room we encourage children to focus on a task and nurture their natural growth and development.

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