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To find out more about how Pathways Childcare ensures your child is placed in an appropriate childcare environment, call us today.


We have 6 rooms here in Pathways, Baby Room (4-14 months), Tumble Tots(14 months--2years), Starburst (2-3s), Busy Bees (3-4s ECCE Room 1), Montessori(4-5 ECCE) and Rainbow Room(4-5s ECCE Room 2)


Babies – 4months – 12months Ratio 1:3
Starburst Room- 2yrs – 3yrs Ratio 1:6
After school 4/5yrs- 12 years
Tumble Tots– 14 months – 24months Ratio 1:5
Preschool ECCE Scheme- 3yrs – 5 yrs. Ratio 1:11
Baby Room

BABY ROOM (4-14 months)

Our baby room is designed to provide a warm home-from-home, cosy and stimulating environment for babies. It is suitably equipped with a variety of age-appropriate toys designed for sensory stimulation, discovery and play. Our baby room is very comfortable and our daily routine is tailored to the individual needs of each child. Our routine incorporates developing communication skills, gross motor and fine movements, plus music, songs and stories. We keep a daily record so parents can see what their child's needed during the day and the progress they made. Staff check on the babies every 10 minutes while sleeping and record it in writing.

Tumble Tots

TUMBLE TOTS (14 months-2years)

Our Tumble Tots room provides a happy and caring environment that encourages children to learn social and development skills, through activities and play. In this room, children are encouraged to be independent and are introduced to feeding themselves. A variety of activities including arts and crafts, circle time and music take place in the Tumble Tots room along with plenty of free play. Comfortable sleeping arrangements are available during the day where all children under 2 sleep in cots.


STARBURST (2-3 years)

In our Starburst Room, the children are further challenged in their daily routine. They will partake in more advanced activities and learn to become more independent, self-toileting, hand washing etc. Children begin toilet training in the Starburst room. We would recommend you take a few days off and begin the training and we will continue it in here. We will help you with this in the most positive and encouraging way we can.

Play School


BUSY BEES: The Busy Bees children partake in a range of daily activities including water play, sand play, play dough etc. We encourage manners, respect for yourself and others and self-care in this room.

RAINBOW ROOM: Through our play based curriculum the children are preparing themselves for school, furthering on from ECCE Room 1. By the end of the term in June, the children will be ready for 'big school', able to put on/off their own shoes, self-toilet etc.



In the Montessori room, the teacher introduces each child to the skills and qualities necessary to live life in an independent, safe and happy way. The children explore the world through their senses and their own activity. Montessori is about learning to balance responsibility with freedom of choice.

After School


In our After-school session, the children take part in fun-filled activities such as baking, arts and crafts, and homework support.
Here at Pathways, a period of time is set aside each day for Homework. This time is immedatily after they have had their hot meal.
• Each child will get sufficient time (but not exceeding 40 minutes) to do their homework.
• Staff will contribute to a quiet relaxed atmosphere during homework time and they will be available to help children with their homework.
• We recognise the importance of the parent's role in homework support and we encourage them to check work completed, hear reading again etc, and play an active role in the homework support and supervision of their child.

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